XZ NinE Update!

 Exciting news!

We have pushed an update to XZ NinE, our command line wrapper for xz-utils. When we started this, we didn't intend to add new features. However, the opportunity has recently presented itself. The underlying Automator-based workflow is the same, but the UI has gone through significant redesign.

You can find the updated download on the Software page. We hope you enjoy it!



Today, we have updated the website design, and reduced clutter in the Nav Bar. In addition, we have fixed the image not displaying in the About Us page, as well as added an Our Hardware section for those who are curious.


Quick Updates

 We are pleased to provide our loyal followers with a brief update on our activities. First off, you may have noticed a new link in the Nav Guide. This is pre-release provisioning for a podcast that we may offer in the future. It is not yet available (but we appreciate your anticipation!) Secondly, we have removed the outdated build of Audacity from our Software page. It's not nice to offer outdated git builds. Lastly, we fixed the links on the site not redirecting properly.


Update on Website Issues

The website issues should be fixed now. If there are any concerns, please send an email to our webmaster


Website Issues

You might have noticed that browsing to our website has sent you to a blogger/blogspot address instead of the usual web.kittydiaz.com address, but with all the same content. We host our website on Blogger/Blogspot, but regarding the URL change, this is because we messed something up. As soon as we figure out how to fix it, things will go back to normal. Luckly, the content presented here should not be any different.



R.I.P. Kirk Schwenker 1957-2020 ❤️ ❤️


Wand Holder now on Thingiverse!

 Hey all,

We have uploaded a model on Thingiverse that can hold wands and their boxes. It is made for wands purchased from The Noble Collection. We hope you enjoy it and hope to see more wands on display in the future!

Wand Holder by Ryan Kitty is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0