📝Ryan's Disclaimer

By engaging in any activity with, or consuming any media generated by the individual with the alias of Ryan Kitty, owner and operator of this site, both passively and directly, you have legally agreed to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer, with or without prior notice of it's existence, covering EVERYTHING relating to Ryan Kitty, and his actions or activities, both in the past, present, and in the future. You also agree to resolve any disputes related to Ryan Kitty by binding arbitration and you waive any right to file or participate in a class action:
  1. All of the data, views, language, pictures, personal appearance, fashion choice, so-called “trend”, and everything else shared or exhibited by Ryan Kitty, either via the internet, or in person, are the SOLE PROPERTY of Ryan Kitty, and are NOT a representation of his family, friends, co-workers, or employer’s afflictions, thoughts, outlooks, or views.
  2. Any personal belongings of Ryan Kitty that are brought with, or used in attendance of, or during any type of personal amusement ride, either wet or dry, is done at the sole discretion of Ryan Kitty. In no way shall the vendor of the amusement be responsible for making this choice, or any damages to personal belongings of Ryan Kitty that result from this choice. Ryan Kitty also agrees that any damages that may occur will not be used against the vendor for monetary gain, or any other type of disruption of services the vendor may provide.
  3. Ryan Kitty may keep a record of events that occur in his immediate surroundings without prior notification to parties who may be logged. This timeline of information will only be used in defense of himself or in good faith to help others. Non-critical records are not logged long-term. Ryan Kitty reserves the right to determine what constitutes a critical record based on events or observations made by himself or others in good faith.
  4. Ryan Kitty is not responsible for providing customer service to anyone while off the clock of his employers when not in employer-branded dress code. Any attempt by him to provide a service, either expressly or implied, is done by himself as a separate entity from his employer unless compensation is currently being provided. This overrides any previously signed documentation to this effect that would be required to maintain a position at any employer.
(Version 10, Published on March 7th 2020 at 9:23am CDT)